MXB Coarse Powder Mill is a form of new high-tech milling machine to meet what’s needed of coarse powder processing customers. Oahu is the ideal equipment to change Raymond Mill, ball mill, as well as other traditional mill which only process fine powder materials. It’s high-efficiency equipment and widely applied in quartz sand, silica sand, foundry sand, fine sand as well as other sand abrasive industry. When you’re an important part of closed production lines, it may produce various size products of better effect.

Working Principle

mxb grinding millStep with main shaft, bulk disk and roller bracket is driven by motor through reducer. Installed above bracket, roller assembly rotates with main shaft and swings freely meantime, this bring a large centrifugal force, which scatters bulk materials evenly in grinding intermediate layer between central roller and ring. The bulk materials are grinded into powder and fall at the base, and then discharged from discharging opening underneath the effect of synchronously-rotating scraper.

Features and Benefits

1. High quality of wear and tear material, wear evenly, the lifetime is 3 x more than that relating to Raymond Mill;

2. High number of sand can be produced by this machine;

3. The mill is really a highly efficient desulfurization equipment of power plant. It can grind CaCO3 into fine powder under 1-2mm, the desulfurization effect is much better;

4. This machine may be used as pre-grind equipment before ball mill; the ball mill efficiency will increase 50%;

5. Products out of this machine may be used to make firebrick, concrete brick, block and other new building materials;

6. Mainly used for pre-processing of various crushable non-inflammable & non-explosive brittle material with Mohs Hardness under nine.

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