Cocoa powder  mill

Cocoa powder work also named cocoa powder powder grinding work or cocoa powdered grinder machine is employed widely in cocoa powder processing lines since food processing equipment like cocoa butter pushes and mills regarding grinding cocoa alcohol and powder.

Cocoa powder  mill group

According to the particular cocoa powder ultimate size, we can give you coarse powder work and superfine work for cocoa powdered processing plants. Raymond mill could be the traditional cocoa powdered grinding machine, weighed against other cocoa powdered milling and running equipments, Raymond mill has a unique different advantages. SBM has saled greater than 1000 SCM superfine cocoa powder grinding machines inside Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei and so forth.

Cocoa powder running plant

The Duyvis powdered mill installation can be a complete system. Cold cocoa kibbles coming from the pressing room are fed in to the mill installation and turn out as cocoa powdered. The end fineness is adjustable and will reach 99. 8% <75μm

Top features of cocoa grinding equipment

Adjustable classifier and also efficient milling regarding full control regarding final powder fineness
Cconditioned air conveying system to stop temperature rise in the course of milling

- Many different food crops, for instance sesame, walnut, hemp, black rice, soybeans, mung bean, peanut, lotus seed starting, maize, sorghum, barley, buckwheat, dairy powder, oats, and so forth.;
- All dried up ingredients including almonds, Poria, Jujube, Gorgon berry, wolfberry, barley, hawthorn berry, Chinese yam, Radix, reddish beans, gelatin, mastic, dodder seed starting, angelica, Codonopsis, Astragalus
- An easy task to clean, simple opening and small number of grinding elements, worn parts may be quickly changed, powder fineness an easy task to adjust low use, low energy intake.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder(cocoa powder) is from your cacao tree carry bean Fu(fruit) taken out the cocoa bean (seed ), fermented, crushing as well as other steps, peeled beans fragments (commonly called cocoa cake ), simply by cocoa cake read smash after powdered, namely the cocoa powder powder. Cocoa powder in accordance with its fat articles is divided directly into high, medium and zero fat cocoa powder; in line with the different processing strategies is divided directly into natural and alkalized powdered powder. Cocoa powdered has full-bodied cocoa powder aroma, can provide for high-grade chocolates, ice cream, sweet, cakes and some other foods containing cocoa powder.

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