China clay beneficiation plant

China clay beneficiation plant

FOX is one of the pioneers in manufacturer of clay mining and beneficiation plant in China, The company has already established markets for its products. This is a consistently profit making company and has been giving dividend for the past 30 years.

Manufacturing Process

The crude clay, after sorting, is mixed with water to form slurry and passed through rotary screen where sand particles are separated. Then passed through a 14” hydro cyclone. Particles with size of ‐53μ from the 14” hydro cyclone are passed through an electromagnet and come to the 3” hydro cyclone. Here the clay particles with size between ‐53 μ and ‐4 μ come to the ceramic grade tank. ‐4 μ particles come to the receiving tank.

From receiving tank finer fraction are taken for bleaching and the coarser goes to ceramic grade tank. Finer fraction undergoes first bleaching and the iron content is washed off. The slurry goes to hydro bleach tank to get maximum brightness. After one more washing the slurry is passed through press tank and dewatered through filter press. Wet cake is fed to the blunger to make slurry. Overflow from the blunger is passed through screen to an overflow tank. Suitable additives are added for homogeneity. The slurry is transferred to the spray drier for spray drying. Slurry from balance tank is fed to the rotary disc atomizer. Hot air is used as drying media. The liquid feed gets atomized in the rotary disk atomizer and gets dried. The ceramic grade slurry and the settled coarse fraction from the ‐4 μ tank is pumped to the ceramic grade press tank. The dewatered clay cakes are dried in the sun light. The products are ready for delivery.

Project Parameters

Production Capacity

The production capacity envisaged is 21060 MT of ceramic grade clay and 9450 MT of spray dried Kaolin per annum. The capacity utilization is at 50% first year, 60% during 2nd year 70% during third year and 80% from fourth year onwards.

Raw material and Utilities

Main raw material is raw clay which is available in plenty in the project area. Other utilities are power, diesel and water. Required power is available from KSEB. Total power requirement is 286 H.P. Annual electric charge is Rs. 23.79 lakhs at full capacity utilization.

Plant and Machinery

The Plant and Machinery required are described in Annexure‐ I. Total cost of Plant and Machinery is Rs.260.01 lakhs.

Sales Turnover

Sales figures are arrived at duly considering the material balance of input and output. Details are shown in Annexure.

Being a unit which is fully mechanized and can run with minimum number of employees, the possibility of labour problem is reduced to a minimum level. Raw material is freely available. So the unit does not expect any problem in availability of raw material.

The unit does not make any effluent during processing. The projected profitability estimate of the unit for first 10 years is satisfactory. The unit is expected to make an average operating profit of Rs. 372.20 lakhs per annum for the first 10 years. The economic and financial indications are satisfactory. The project is technically feasible and financially viable.

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