A cement production plant consists of the following three processes: 1). Raw material process; 2). Clinker burning process; 3). Finish grinding process. The raw material process and the clinker burning process are each classified into the wet process and the dry process.

Dry process

In the dry process, crushed raw materials are dried in a cylindrical rotary drier having a diameter of 2 m and a length of about 20 m for example, mixed by an automatic weigher, ground and placed in storage tanks. The resultant mixture is further mixed to make the ingredients uniform, and sent to a rotary kiln for clinker burning.

Wet process

In the wet process, raw materials other than plaster are crushed to a diameter of approximately 20 mm by a crusher and mixed in an appropriate ratio using an automatic weigher, as shown in image.

Cement production process

Then, with water added thereto, the mixture is further made finer by a combined tube mill with a diameter of 2 to 3.5 m and a length of 10 to 14 m into slurry with a water content of 35 to 40%. The slurry is put in a storage tank with a capacity of several hundred tons, mixed to be homogenized with the corrective materials, and is sent to a rotary kiln for clinker burning.

Grinding process

The finish grinding process is roughly divided into an open circuit grinding system and a closed circuit grinding system. The mill used is a tube mill or ball mill.

Open circuit mill

In the open circuit mill, the mill shell has a length of about 4 to 5 times of its diameter to obtain a prescribed fineness, and the shell outer wall is sprayed with water to prevent the temperature of the product in the mill from rising. It is also possible to spray water into the mill interior but the closest attention has to be paid so as not to deteriorate the product quality.

Closed circuit mill

In the closed circuit mill, the mill has a length of 3 times or below of its diameter so as to accelerate the passage of the product. The separator works as a cooler for the product in addition to its function as classifier for the product.

Clinker grinding system

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