Pulverizer Project Profile

Pulverizer Project Profile

Pulverizer is a grinding machinery used widely for powdering of dry red chillies, spices, food, herbs, plant materials, animal feed materials desired for manufacturing cakes, husks, pulses, cereals, seeds, saw dust, coconut shell, minerals, chemicals etc. India produces almost all the known grinded spices and pulveriser is the main machine for the purpose of grinding.

Market and demand aspects:

The requirement of pulverizers is obvious having huge demand for grinding as powder of the above wide areas. The demand of these pulverizers is increasing day by day as well as going on improvement in purchasing power of the people the above products such spices, herbs, pharmaceutical, chemicals, etc. Under the self employment these are widely purchased by young entrepreneur for manufacturing of powdered & grinded spices/mineral products.

Manufacture process and source of technology:

The following steps may be followed in sequence as below:

A. 16 mm and 12 mm plate cut by gas cutting as per drawing

B. Grind of edges and sharp corners.

C. Fix the plates in jig.

D. Assemble with all parts and then welding.

E. Fitment of bearings, shaft, pulleys, hammers, etc.

F. After inspection and trial, final coating to be done and ready for dispatch.

Basis & presumptions:

1) It has been assumed to work 1800 hours per annum at minimum 75% working efficiency on single shift working.

2) A period of 3 years after commencing the commercial production has been considered for achieving full/envisaged capacity.

3) Labour wages has been considered as per the prevailing market rates and the minimum wages fixed by the authorities.

4) Interest on fixed and working capital investment has been calculated at an average rate of 12% per annum.

5) The cost of land and building has been calculated as per the prevailing market prices and these rates likely to vary from place to place.

Production capacity:

Total turnover with the proposed plant and machinery will be of the order of rs.72,00,000 per annum. Capacity with 500 KGS, 36 nos. Per annum @ rs.2,00,000/- each machine.

Approximate power requirement is 30/22 kw.

Manufacturing of pulverizer does not pose any major problem of pollution.

It is suggested that suitable majors should be provided to conserve energy by installing suitable shunt capacitors on all the machines and equipments, etc.

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